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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Coming Soon to: The History Channel--

"Graffiti Murals of Ancient Rome"!

Voice Over:

Think tagging is a modern urban phenomenon? Well think again!

Smart Person:

It turns out that even in ancient Rome, there were artists and political rabblerousers writing their thoughts on walls, usually in the dead of night.


A time when new ideas brought strange reactions!

Smart Person:

Look at this reconstructed pillar. The Latin graffiti is signed "Exclamatorum Asteriskus Maximus, the Aqueduct Skeptic." It reads: "Aqueducts are a joke! They are rivers in the air--impossible! It is naught but Pie In The Sky!"

And this: "The people of Rome want to get their water in ditches in the ground! Ditches are PROVEN technology from before the Etruscans! Support ditchdiggers and say no to aqueducts!"

Or this: "It will leak! Don't get dripped on by the rivers in the air!"

And finally this beautiful mural from a public bath newly unearthed in southern France: the motto reads "Stop Julius Caesar and the Bogus Aqueduct Scam," and it's next to a drawing of Caesar's wife's head on an aqueduct.


Don't miss: "Graffiti Murals of Ancient Rome." Friday at 8, 7 Central, an exclusive presentation of--the History Channel!

Veni, vidi, Ken Avidor

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