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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mr. Peepers

The problem with YouTube, like many clubs, is the low threshold for admission. Anyone fancying themselves the next Antonioni, McG or Funt can upload even the worst dreck. Even if I agree with an auteur's background purpose, if their realization of the concept is a dog I'm not going to shy away from criticizing the artistic product.

So it is with Ken Avidor, the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist. Yes, he hates Resmuglicans; very salutary. But how does he hate them? Objectively? Factually? On the issues? Ehhhhh... I don't think so!

The other contributors to Lloydletta and the Dump blogs seem to be progressives who have their heads screwed on pretty tightly. But Kiln Ovendoor is something else. Entirely.

He's got a video camera now. Maybe it's new; I first noticed it when he posted his ambush interview of Green senate candidate Mike Cavlan (Have Video, Will Distort, 7/7). But Stanley Kubridor's latest video must be seen to be believed--a creepy, grainy, ogling, 93-second grope of a clip of Sen. Michele Bachmann (R-700 Club), taken during a live radio interview at the Minnesota State Fair.

Ostensibly the subject is Bachmann's hands, and how her fidgeting supposedly masks some type of "inner turmoil" (actually, she looks like she's twiddling her thumbs. Or has a cuticle problem) "lurking just below the surface." Thank you, Dr. Sigmund Avireud.

But what's Steven Spielidor's real subject? Well, at 00:22, 01:15 and 01:25 the camera moves to the senator's breasteses. I guess that's two subjects. And not surprising, coming from the creator of the Michele Bachmann worship page.

What is the purpose of this video? I don't care how egregious Bachmann's politics are, this video is a nonsubstantive and invasive waste of bytes.

Archived funny: Opposites Attract (8/4/05)

Evacuation walkways would undoubtedly enlarge the profile of Ken Avidor

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Avisnore the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist just can't overcome his Personal Rapid Transit fixation. Even now, when he's finally gotten around to writing about Mark Olson in the Dump Mark Olson blog, what major issues are mentioned? Health care? Schools? Parks? Homeless? Jobs? Nope-- he only mentions PRT, something 99% of 16B voters likely don't care about or have never heard of.

In fact, for the bulk of coverage about a possible Olson campaign no-no, Avibore can only copy a letter-to-the editor from the Sherburne County Citizen.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I sense a schism approaching

Validating my earlier praise of new LL/Dumps blogger Eric Zaetsch: he writes "Enough said," and not "Nuff said." The latter annoys the crap out of me, and that Mr. Ovipod the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist uses it is just further reason to wipe the expression from common usage.

Zaetsch also revealed today that he stands firmly in the reality-based community:

We have science back to Kepler where observation and reconcilation of data prevails... Microchips work; engineering is good... science is real.
Science is not a debate permitting fools or theocrats to dictate - its reach and credibility is among and between scientists - it is not put to a popular vote.
Ovipod (Zaetsch's LL/Dumps co-contributor) better watch out, because one of his favorite talking points is that Personal Rapid Transit is a cult. Then there are Kenwood's tactics of twisting facts and ignoring the science on PRT, putting him squarely in the Phyllis Schlafly mold--at least where technology is concerned.

Finally, let's recall these words by a certain international figure:
"If, when we investigate something, we find there is reason and proof for it, we must acknowledge that as reality--even if it is in contradiction with... a deeply held opinion or view."
H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama
The Universe in a Single Atom


Monday, August 14, 2006

If A equals B and B equals C...

Read the Media Matters complaint to CNN regarding anchor Chuck Roberts:

...anchor Chuck Roberts asked: "Might some argue, as some have, that Lamont is the Al Qaeda candidate?" ...Mr. Roberts might have a defense if it were actually the case that people were calling Mr. Lamont "the Al Qaeda candidate." But as Arianna Huffington pointed out on CNN's own Reliable Sources yesterday, the smear appears to be entirely the creation of Mr. Roberts.
Then decide if his tactic was borrowed from this classic !!!!!! deception.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Especially if she's stwict

Over the last few days I've noticed that posts on Lloydletta made by Kiln Ovendoor (the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist) have been attracting pornographic comments from a poster named "ej." I won't quote them here, as this is a blog for the whole satiric family. But I will link to an example, here.

What's remarkable is that the comments are still there. Apparently, Kenwood only censors comments that satirize and/or reveal the deception in his anti-technology smear campaign.

Maybe "ej" is a big fan of Kendoll's Ode to Michele Bachmann page? He ("ej," I mean) does write like someone who could appreciate a leatherclad legislator who knows how to use a riding crop.

Archived Funny: Opposites Attract? (8/4/2005)

Ken Avidor is a techno-dream

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tomorrow's bloglines today

When was the last time Klose Opendoor, the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist, wrote anything smearing Personal Rapid Transit technology and its supporters, or mentioning PRT in the same breath as Mark Olson (R-Big Lake) and Michele Bachmann (R-Still crazy after all these years)? He's been so consumed with the current corruption trial of Dean Zimmermann (G-your hair smells terrific) that, for a moment, I considered the possibility that he might be using this as a way to segue out of the innovation-bashing game. Naw, probably not. So I'm starting a list of possible headlines he might use in the coming days (just trying to help, Klose!):

"Prosecution fails to put CPRT officers on the stand"
"PRT Not Mentioned in trial transcript"
"Ed Anderson E-mails not prosecution exhibits"
"Anderson E-mails Suppressed: what is prosecutor hiding?"
"No CPRTers testify: does Justice Dept. support Mark Olson?"
"Bachmann spotted hiding behind state flag in courtroom"
"PRT, Zimmermann Affect Price of Tea in China"
Speaking of his blogging, what can we divine from the postings about the Zimmermann trial that he's been putting on Lloydletta and Minneapolis Confidential?

1. The play-by-play on the trial is extensive and mainly unbiased
2. The caricatures are realistic and non-inflammatory

How has Kenmore Ovendoor been able to accomplish this? By bringing in other people to provide the quality, unbiased material. That's right; he doesn't do unbiased, realistic or non-inflammatory. Instead the trial coverage is being ably handled by one Liz McLemore, and the drawings by a Dan Scott.

Of course, our friend Avislur is still posting under the name Ned Luddington, so there is the remote possibility that McLemore and Scott are more of his aliases.

That aside, Mr. Ovipore has been relegated to the role of emcee: Master of Ceremonies, or MC. The same initials as Minneapolis Confidential. At the moment he's the Pat Sajak of Minneapolis bloggers.

Those of us who have been suffering his bizarre conspiracy theories and relentless self-promotion can find hope in the increasing presence of McLemore and Scott. May they continue in major roles on MC and Lloydletta, and on the Dump Fill In Name Here blogs as well.

McLemore and Scott, plus the intelligent and well-researched writing by other newcomer Eric Zaetsch, are the new stars on the Minneapolis liberal blog scene.

Update: Dan Scott is not the drawer, but the person depicted in the drawing. One doubts Kim Overlord is the artist though, since his artistic range is limited to depiction of glassy-eyed cultists and stubbly, SUV-driving white trash. --Ed.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's working!

1. Try Googling PRT is a joke
2. Look at who's breathing down his neck!

Do you suppose the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist hears the footsteps behind him? Does his pulse quicken, his breath catch in his throat, does he walk a little faster? Does he look over his shoulder, expecting to see a ROBOT, perhaps??? Muahahahahaha!!!

Followup: In all mock seriousness about the robot thing, we've learnt that !!! !!!!!! (the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist) is expanding his anti-robot holy war. His new blog will be called "Dump Robots - Keep Bogus Agricultural Automation Out of My Cheap Wine." His goal is, um, self explanatory.