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Friday, July 07, 2006

Have Video, Will Distort

My my, Mr. Avidor (the Minnesota anti-PRT activist who doesn't like it when his name isn't mentioned, so I don't [. Exactly]) has been busy. And now he has a video camera!

His latest best-est post (complete with blurry YouTube video) calls out Green Party senate candidate Michael Cavlan, who only wants probing questions asked about such things as the 9/11 Commission report and the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone. Oh, and he supports PRT:

I asked him if he is wiling to help me expose the PRT hoax that Dean Zimmermann, Michele Bachmann, Ray Vandeveer and Mark Olson have used as a stalking horse to stop LRT and commuter rail in Minnesota with the assistance of a highway industry [sic]. Cavlan asked me for proof. Here it is.... [ellipses in original] E-mails from the affidavits of the Taxi 2000 lawsuit Source

Talking Point Alert! All Cavlan needs to knock that one down is to go to "See His Answers Become Nonresponsive," at the See How They Distort Library. (BTW, by "a highway industry" he means SEH, the firm Short Elliott Hendrickson. This axis of evil also designs public buildings, houses of worship and transit facilities (among many other things), and actually gives more campaign donations to Democrats (Are you exsmearienced?, 12/1/05).)

It looks like Kenny-Boy is satisfied with the 9/11 Commission and Wellstone findings. Well he's the only liberal who is. Of real liberals, at any rate. Of course, Ken will believe you're a liberal if you just pose with a train (I'll take three wallet-sized, 6/20).


Update (7/10): Reader "A" from Minnesota notes via e-mail that Cavlan is—
"...the only anti-war candidate. He also took part in the Ohio recount for the 2004 stolen election."
If he opposes the anti-war candidate, anti-PRT activist Ken Avidor must be pro-war, right? Not to mention in favor of Resmuglican election theft. —Ed.

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