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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Mock Journalist, Part IX

Advanced Transport Systems Ltd. has rebranded the websites for its ULTra PRT system. For years ATS has had the British domain URL atsltd.co.uk, which is not exactly memorable. Then, after the start of the Heathrow project they started a parallel site, ultraprt.com, mostly serving as the site for ATS's California office.

ATS's Steve Raney announced the rebranding last week on March 22:

ultraprt.com content has moved to ultraprt.net

atsltd.co.uk content will soon move to ultraprt.com. We are attempting to support some of the old ultraprt.com pages on the new ultraprt.com so that web sites that link to us won't get too broken.

This will all take some time and some links will break. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Got all that? Pretty straightforward. And how do we know it's a rebranding? An ATS staffer tweeted it on the 23rd. And yet-

-on March 24 Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist Ken Avidor proudly announced his discovery that Raney's 'broken links' was just a cover story! As well as a new mystery: who owns ultraprt.net? And why?

Great discovery, you discoveryer! Except for one thing: ULTra's Minnesota PRT concept is now at ultraprt.net Yup, totally scrubbed. No one will ever find it. And no one will ever find out that ULTra PRT owner ATS Ltd. owns ultraprt.net.

Next week: Ken Avidor discovers ULTra's Minnesota PRT page at ultraprt.net -- and it's owned by ATS Ltd.!

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