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Friday, March 23, 2007

Smear, he wrote

The smeary rash is growing ever-bigger over at the Dump Mark Olson blog, and today's post is really, really itchy:

"PRT Proponents are Either Crackpots or Con Artists"
That's what I wrote on the Seattle PI forum ...and it was deleted. [ellipses in original] Source
writes Ken Avidor, enjoying quoting himself again (or maybe he's quoting Ned Luddington), as well as revealing that he isn't aware that the Post Intelligencer doesn't archive forum posts forever.

Further down, Avidor posts a scan of a Bay Area news article critical of Cybertran--which at 20 or so people per vehicle is really Group Rapid Transit--in order to share with us his enjoyment of seeing his own name in print.

Oh ho--but what's this!? Next he links to a counter-article written by Neil Garcia-Sinclair, president of Cybertran, and Avidor calls Garcia-Sinclair--

"a cybertranny" Source

This is really remarkable, because recently
Lloydletta's Nooz (sic)--where NedKen is a contributor--ran a post that was critical of liberals who are joking that Ann Coulter is a transsexual--

Lefty Bloggers Call Ann Coulter Transgender (Suggesting it's bad)... Autumn Sandeen calls them on it at Pam's House Blend. Source

Surely Lloydletta can't mean that it's Bad to call the venomous viper of the right 'Man Coulter' and joke about Adam's apples, but it's Fine for Lloydletta team member Avidor to call a transit technology innovator a 'tranny'?

Where's the consistency? Where are the reporting standards??? Avidor's idea of good journalism is (a) extended whinging, (b) vicious namecalling, or (c) it must mention him.

C'mon Lloydletta, you're good progressives. Get it together.

Laverne & Avidor

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