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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Down! Bad dog! Don't bite the Swedish Environment Minister!

The anti-PRT attack dog is at it again. What does he do upon finding out about a Swedish delegation talking to California officials about PRT? Well he attacks one of the Swedes, of course.

Kenwood darkly refers to Andreas Carlgren, who happens to be Sweden's openly gay Environment Minister, as "ethically-challenged", not expecting anyone would actually follow the URL and do some math.

What he's making a big deal about is that Carlgren apparently received too much in Parliament pension benefits -- what amounts to about $19,000* over maybe a seven year period. That's about $2,700 a year. Which he has paid back. And he's still Environment Minister. That's the extent of the Labridor's slam on Carlgren.

Oh, and notice how the Propagandist fails to notice -- or more likely failed to research -- that California Lt. Governor John Garamendi was Deputy Interior Secretary under Bill Clinton. Just as likely is that Kenny-Boy omitted that part because it would get in the way of his Talking Point that only Resmuglicans support PRT.

One last thing. Ovendoor blathers that--

The Vectus test track looks a lot like the doomed Raytheon PRT track.

Yeah. It does, but only if you don't look too closely. Vectus: compare the size of the guideway and posts to the workers standing next to it--

Then consider these dimensions of the Raytheon system--

The main tubular section of the Raytheon guideway is 36 inches across, and the support post is almost that wide; the entire guideway including the frames is 72.5 inches thick (over 6 feet).

So, yeah--aside from Vectus being much, much smaller than Raytheon, OK: they look a lot alike.

Just as he has so many times before, Avismores again shows all he can do is attack people, and reveals no ability to make any kind of informed judgment about PRT's technical aspects.

Extra Credit:
Go here and calculate the dimensions of
the Vectus guideway tubular section (the vehicle cabin
is 2 meters tall; answer is an Easter egg below)
about 19 inches, or 52.7% the size of Raytheon
Extree Extree Credit: Tell us what Carlgren's pension
has to do with toast. Or PRT.

* which sounds like a whole lot more if you say "130,000 kronor"
Ken Avidor has surprisingly poor spatial perception for an "artist"

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