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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mr. Peepers

The problem with YouTube, like many clubs, is the low threshold for admission. Anyone fancying themselves the next Antonioni, McG or Funt can upload even the worst dreck. Even if I agree with an auteur's background purpose, if their realization of the concept is a dog I'm not going to shy away from criticizing the artistic product.

So it is with Ken Avidor, the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist. Yes, he hates Resmuglicans; very salutary. But how does he hate them? Objectively? Factually? On the issues? Ehhhhh... I don't think so!

The other contributors to Lloydletta and the Dump blogs seem to be progressives who have their heads screwed on pretty tightly. But Kiln Ovendoor is something else. Entirely.

He's got a video camera now. Maybe it's new; I first noticed it when he posted his ambush interview of Green senate candidate Mike Cavlan (Have Video, Will Distort, 7/7). But Stanley Kubridor's latest video must be seen to be believed--a creepy, grainy, ogling, 93-second grope of a clip of Sen. Michele Bachmann (R-700 Club), taken during a live radio interview at the Minnesota State Fair.

Ostensibly the subject is Bachmann's hands, and how her fidgeting supposedly masks some type of "inner turmoil" (actually, she looks like she's twiddling her thumbs. Or has a cuticle problem) "lurking just below the surface." Thank you, Dr. Sigmund Avireud.

But what's Steven Spielidor's real subject? Well, at 00:22, 01:15 and 01:25 the camera moves to the senator's breasteses. I guess that's two subjects. And not surprising, coming from the creator of the Michele Bachmann worship page.

What is the purpose of this video? I don't care how egregious Bachmann's politics are, this video is a nonsubstantive and invasive waste of bytes.

Archived funny: Opposites Attract (8/4/05)

Evacuation walkways would undoubtedly enlarge the profile of Ken Avidor

1 comment:

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Eva is listed as the first credit at the beginning of this clip, so don't give her too much credit -- she's deserves as much blame for this travesty as Ken.

I thought the video was downright creepy. I mean, what kind of a person focuses a full minute of video on somebody's hands? Congratulations, Ken, you've just exposed Bachmann as a thumb-twiddler!

I wonder if Dean Zimmermann twiddled his thumbs? Or JE Anderson? It must be a secret code known only to the gadgetbahners! They're communicating with each other using a secret sign language known only to members of the Vast Anti-Transit Conspiracy (Stalking Horse Division)!

It'll be all over the news tomorrow - I'm guessing they'll call it "Twiddlegate".

(Maybe I'll post this message on DB - I'm still blocked there but I can get around it...)