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Friday, August 11, 2006

Especially if she's stwict

Over the last few days I've noticed that posts on Lloydletta made by Kiln Ovendoor (the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist) have been attracting pornographic comments from a poster named "ej." I won't quote them here, as this is a blog for the whole satiric family. But I will link to an example, here.

What's remarkable is that the comments are still there. Apparently, Kenwood only censors comments that satirize and/or reveal the deception in his anti-technology smear campaign.

Maybe "ej" is a big fan of Kendoll's Ode to Michele Bachmann page? He ("ej," I mean) does write like someone who could appreciate a leatherclad legislator who knows how to use a riding crop.

Archived Funny: Opposites Attract? (8/4/2005)

Ken Avidor is a techno-dream


A Transportation Enthusiast said...

I guess he reads this blog often - because the pornographic comment is now gone! Very good, Ken! You've now learned what should be deleted as spam, all you have to learn now is what not to delete -- i.e. valid criticism of your ridiculous talking points!

But look on the bright side: you're halfway there Ken! A few more years and you might even understand the first amendment! :-D

Mr_Grant said...

It's actually funnier sans porn, because the remaining comment now appears to praise Kon's "mature" work. What a big boy! Yes he is!