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Monday, July 23, 2007

Now Jill Clark has cooties

Today in Cooties

Would you be surprised if
the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist attacked a liberal for participating in making sure an extreme right-winger gets due process? No, it's not the ACLU and the neo-Nazis again, it's--

Rep. Mark Olson has spent nearly all his political career excoriating liberals, but when he went shopping for a lawyer, he hired Jill Clark.
. . .

...Attorney Jill Clark has tirelessly and fearlessly defended people of color and poor people who have been targeted by the criminal justice system...
. . .
Jill Clark also ran for Judge in Hennepin County a few years back. Among her list of endorsements, is Ember Reichgott Junge, Brian Melendez, and Dean Zimmermann, [sic] Source

Yes, how dare a lawyer take on a client. Because, that one client invalidates any and all good work done previously, right? How dare a progressive candidate accept an endorsement from a progressive Green like Zimmermann, who also fought for "people of color and poor people."

Ben Labridor is a freakin' hero, man, for ferreting out the Jill Clark-Mark Olson-Dean Zimmermann-PRT connection!

It's cooties all over again! Resmuglican and PRT cooties!!!

Somebody left my Ken Avidor out in the rain