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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Croco-gandist weeps pendulous, glistening tears

Look who's voicing moral outrage: Kenwood Labridor, the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist!

Not since Claude Rains in Casablanca has anyone expressed such transparently phony shock--shocked he is, that

A State Rep. is arrested for domestic assault and Mr. Gow/Grant is spamming this blog with his usual annoying, unfunny comments.


"Pathetic"? I'll have to take his word for it. He is, after all, perhaps our nation's leading practitioner of the pathetic arts. Like the time he smeared ATS board member Trevor Smallwood, OBE, by implying Smallwood's company First Group was responsible for a multi-fatality rail accident--when in reality the British government found another company to blame. Or how about when he drew this cartoon of 9/19/2001? And don't forget Kenmore is far, far from averse to spamming blogs himself.

As for "unfunny," humor is subjective and I would rather be guilty of attempting to be funny, rather than guilty of being an idiot. Thus I can be at peace with being unfunny--whereas Kiln Ovendoor will always be the person who wrote "there is no PRT project at London's Heathrow airport".*

Ken Avidor is a small hollow Italian pasta

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

On a rail, no doubt

The Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist has received two more scoldings from Wikipedians--one from a surprising source.

From the Personal Rapid Transit talk page (in response to Labridor's strange observation, "Anderson does not have the standing in the field of transportation of Professor Vukan Vuchic... Since PRT has largely been associated with Dr. Anderson, it only makes sense to delete this article for lack of notability..."), JJLatWiki notes:

...what kind of logical fallacies are used in your paragraph? Maybe a Proof by example? PRT ∈ J. Edward Anderson and since J. Edward Anderson is statistically insignificant, therefore all elements of the J. Edward Anderson set are also insignificant. But, your logical fallacies also have elements common to Hasty generalization, Spotlight fallacy, Red Herring, Association fallacy, and maybe ultimately, Loki's Wager.
The second disciplinary action comes from, of all people, Ovendoor's Wiki-patron Guy Chapman (Just Zis Guy). Guy wrote, on Aviboor's own talk page:
I don't think Anderson is notable per our guidelines and you really are giving the guy a hard time just for doing what he does. So what if he designs PRT systems? That's not a crime. So, please take more care, or you will be at risk of being run out of town. This is the friendly warning, OK? Source
The comment's title? "Not good"! I love the British gift for understatement.

Update: Chapman deletes PRT and Olson information from Labridor's Wiki article about Zimmermann, due to "Undue weight, guilt by associaiton" (sic).

Ken Avidor, 00.7 (Licensed to shill)

Monday, December 11, 2006

His reputation precedes him

Never before have I seen someone catch on so quickly to the true nature of the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist (he hates it when his name isn't mentioned; so we don't). This recently in Wikipedia:

You've got a bias against Anderson and PRT so pervasive and renowned that your creation of this page instantly provoked a BLP/Noticeboard mention... Your behavior on the AfD for this article shows you're not using Good Faith, but pushing some ridiculous agenda to remove all references to a form of technology you oppose.
Whatever. You're a bad faith editor who promotes heavily biased articles opposing something you don't like. I'm going to nominate [for deletion] both of those articles you referred to later tonight. It's all a systematic attempt to discredit an idea you've publicly opppossed [sic] before.
It took about 13 hours on December 10 for the writer, "ThuranX," to reach his conclusion. Note how Kenwood is on his bestest behavior!

Also today: Of all the photos PRT scholar J. Edward Anderson has taken, which photo does the Propagandist choose to put in the Wikipedia bio he set up about Anderson? Well of course, the one of Anderson sitting next to Rep. Mark Olson, who is currently charged in Sherburne County, MN, with domestic assault! "Guilt by association," anyone?

Ken Avidor has never won a Daytime Emmy Award for best actress, despite being nominated more than 12 times