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Friday, March 06, 2009

Microchip reunites man with pet theory

Modern technology reunited a Minneapolis man with his pet conspiracy theory yesterday, bringing a happy end to a five month separation.

Ben Boridor, of Brand Street in Minneapolis, became separated from his pet theory when he moved to Reality last October.

The theory, an adorable belief that Personal Rapid Transit is a right-wing conspiracy, has been Boridor's faithful pet since 1989. Or 2003; or possibly 2004.

Luckily, Mrs. Boridor had taken the precaution of having the family veterinarian implant an identification microchip under her husband's skin. "The vet recommended the chip, since we were doing the neutering at the same time," explained Mrs. Boridor.

"Boy, am I sure glad I did it," she went on to say.

She said that when they moved to Reality, Ben became separated from his pet theory. The theory was depressed for weeks. Then on Thursday a vet called to say she had found a stray man, and his microchip was registered to the Boridors' phone number.

"The vet dropped off Ben yesterday afternoon, and boy you should have seen that theory lick his face all over. Now it's like old times, they've been playing in the back yard embroidering the conspiracy," said Mrs. Boridor.

"It's great having a little bit of unreality back in our lives," she said.

And where does she think her husband was for all that time? "We think he may have been in Alameda," Mrs. Boridor said.

Go to a shelter to adopt a Ken -- don't buy from Avidor mills!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Sleeper Awaketh

After months of inactivity on the PRT front, the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist has emerged from self-imposed semi-"retirement" and posted a rambling whine-o-thon at Dump Bachmann.

A Very Idiotic Denial Of Reality (AVIDOR)