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Sunday, September 21, 2008

It sounds familiar, somehow...

Yes, it's another end of another era for Kiln Ovendoor the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist:

The Dump Mark Olson Blog Going Back Into Mothballs

...I'm not going to be wasting time following the pathetic antics of Rep. Mark Olson or his pals the Personal Rapid Transit pod people anymore.


I know, he's declared victory so many times that his latest announcement of retirement from blogging is more underwhelming than usual.

The last time was when A Transportation Enthusiast and I called Kenwood on his kid-glove treatment of conservative Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg. This followed on the heels of his embarrassment over the Ray Cox Affair, as well as Poolgate and a smear on Cornell University.

Kennel Ration needed to lay low for a while, so he claimed a New Year resolution (more then 2 weeks after Jan. 1) to spend less time on the internet, and made himself scarce.

It lasted until June.

As for the newest 'retirement,' I had several premises to choose from for this post. There was:

"Regulators seize Dump Mark Olson - Value of
blogger retirement sinks on repeated erroneous prediction
of foes' demise"

Topical -- but too wordy. I could also have gone with:

"End of the Propagandist - A Transportation Enthusiast
orders flags to be flown at 99.999-hundredths staff"


"A&E starts 15-year countdown clock to
Propagandist's where-are-they-now retrospective"

Or even:

"Propagandist quits to spend more time with Michele Bachmann"

But I think one image is all we need:

Will he be back? Of course he will! He's gonna be bogged down in his ill-conceived War on Gadgetbahn for a hundred years!

You won't have Ken Avidor to kick around anymore


A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Brilliant! Hilarious! I love the A&E countdown, that's my favorite.

And as for the mission accomplished image, it's great to see the Propagandist himself get "Photoshopped" for a change.


Nice work Mr. Grant.

Mr_Grant said...

I also want readers to notice one thing: in January the Big A said he was going to 'spend less time' on the internet. This time, he's saying he's not going to "waste time... anymore."

ANYMORE! To most people Anymore means NEVER AGAIN. Let's see how Ken W. McBushidor defines it.

Twistylikethat said...

A real hoot!

I give Meryl Streep two thumbs up!

Mr_Grant said...

Meryl would be great as Michele Bachmann! Of course that goes without saying.