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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's curtains for the propagandist

The obvious thing about Kiln Ovendoor's Talking Point about cutting down half the trees on the block is this:

Show of hands -- who doesn't have curtains or blinds on their bedroom windows?

She came in through the bathroom Ken Avidor


eflink said...

I live in Sacramento, near our Light Rail installation, which runs for more than 30 miles from the city of Folsom (yes, that Folsom) to downtown along Folsom Blvd.

As I drive along Folsom Blvd and gaze at the wide right-of-way that the Light Rail system occupies, I can't help but wonder how many trees were chopped down and how many houses & small businesses were leveled to make way for this 100-150 foot wide desert of gravel & steel.

Let the anonymous one answer that question.

Mr_Grant said...

Thermidor wouldn't hear the question. As soon as you say "the wide right-of-way that the Light Rail system occupies," he'd clap his hands over his ears and go LALALALAicanthearyou. -Ed.