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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oops, *** did it again

Not only did Ken Avidor, the self-annointed "PRT skeptic" who claims he knows his stuff, earlier confuse Linear Induction Motors (LIMs) with a type of PRT (Out on a LIM, 3/1), now he thinks LIMs can be used to hover:

Taxi 2000's PRT pod is supposed to run on futuristic-sounding "linear induction motors" (The pod actually rides on dorky, little rubber tires). Read about the wacky inventor of LIM, Eric Roberts Laithwaite:

"Scientist who used linear motors to drive hovering trains but was then branded a crank for defying Newton." Source

For the record, no PRT designer claims LIM replaces wheels—as usual Avidor is just plain wrong. LIMs are for propulsion, not support or suspension. LIMs make things go. It's Maglev that hovers.

Thinking a PRT vehicle rides on a LIM is like thinking a Chevy rides on its engine.

Sssh! Don't remind Ken that even some of the light rail trains he loves so much, with wheels, are propelled by LIMs. He can't admit being wrong, and his head might explode! Too late?

I played with your Ken Avidor, got lost in the game

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