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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dump Mark Olson Blog - Now Bogus on Two Continents®, II

What the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist is blaming on PRT today:

Daventry's PRT Promoters Want to Pave a Public Swimming Pool for a Parking Lot

Daventry Today:

THERE will be no replacement outdoor pool, no refund to the townspeople who paid for it, and the former site is likely to be built on...
. . .
In the past DDC has said it planned to expand the existing Chaucer Way car park over the old Outdoor Pool site to create an additional 240 spaces as a temporary measure while other car parks in the town are redeveloped.

In the longer term DDC’s own masterplan for the town’s growth indicates the outdoor pool land would be used for retail units, associated parking, and part of the marina project.

... but ... but ... I thought the podcars that the DDC proposed last year were supposed to make cars and parking lots obsolete?

. . .

Yet another example of the Personal Rapid Transit public relations gimmick used to mask the true intentions of people who want to privatize, build on and pave over everything.[*]


Man! Is there no aspect of community affairs in central England that PRT does not touch?

The pool:

He wants you to assume the PRTistas are taking away the town's only swimming pool -- except that Daventry has what sounds like a very nice pool at the ‘leisure centre,’ as they call them, in the center of town. It sounds like the Pool Association loves the outdoor pool too, and wants it replaced. That would be fine. Whether it happens is a local political matter.

The parking:

Did anyone claim podcars will "make cars and parking lots obsolete" in Daventry? Them's some fancy words to be putting in people's mouths. In fact, the very article he links states:
It is hoped the scheme will ease congestion and save parking spaces with the town’s population set to increases [sic] to 40,000 by 2021. Source

Nothing about eliminating cars or the need for parking. Labridor doesn't even read the material he uses to substantiate his allegations.

A new challenge for Humidor: explain the various publicly subsidized, public-private, and fully privatized redevelopment projects in the vicinities of light rail stations -- encouraged for the purpose of achieving necessary density, but also resulting in gentrification and displacement of original residents and businesses.

* i.e., he's saying it's a conspiracy. Because if PRT has a secret agenda, the anti-PRT propagandist gets to define it however he wants.

Gonna greenwash that Ken Avidor right out of my hair


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A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Mr. Grant, you are hilarious. :-)