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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Glitch in the anti-PRT propaganda machine

Kiln Ovendoor said he was going to spend less time on the internet, but that doesn't mean he can't talk through others -- such as this new article in Thisweek Online out of Minnesota. Excerpt:

PRT critics argue the technology is unproven, expensive and systems that have been built or conceived have a history of failure.

Ken Avitar, a Minneapolis cartoonist and self-described transit advocate, calls PRT a boondoggle.

Avitar said he opposes the technology because the idea of it is a “silly pie in the sky thing” that distracts conversations about traditional transit systems.

He holds PRT responsible for holding up light rail proposed for Minnesota in 1973, when funding was given to study the concept [debunked here, --Ed.].

“We would have had a (rail) network a long time ago. Now everything is more expensive, Avitar said. “People blocked rail transit in the early ’70s and continue to do that now.”


Pretty sad when someone who repeats their own name so often still can't get it spelled right in print.

I guess this means the Anti-PRT Propaganda Machine is still unproven technology. It does fit his criteria: controversial and with a long history of failure!

Ken Avidor's talking points don't get better with age

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