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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And the Weiner is...

Here at "PRT Is a Joke is a Joke," we are always looking to adjust our motif, so today I am pleased to announce a new award: The Copper Heimlich.

This scrap of patina-green hot water line tied into a knot is awarded to ignoramus bloggers who swallow Kenwood Ovendoor's propaganda until they choke on it.

Our first Copper Heimlich winner is: Lloyd Alter of Treehugger!

What's so good (or bad) about Lloyd is that the propaganda stuck in his windpipe is the OLD debunked "Cyberspace Dream" e-fishwrap! That's right, the hit piece that pretended to analyze PRT, but couldn't even describe it accurately or do math correctly (and, FOUR YEARS ON, no corrections!).

Anyway, read Lloyd and have a good laugh -- especially this part, which shows Lloyd did absolutely zero homework:

No matter that they don't work; imagine three hundred people on a platform at rush hour. Imagine what happens when it breaks down. Figure out handicap accessibility. Think of how many will actually have two people- would you get in with someone you don't know?

All the Cartoonboy 101 basic mistakes: assuming PRT works like a train, ignores specific breakdown avoidance/response measures, assumes all PRT is non-ADA compliant like SkyTran, and plays the fearmonger card. Hilarious!

When you stop laughing, check up on the progress of the ULTra project at Heathrow, which is under construction, and Vectus at Uppsala, Sweden, which has submitted their safety case to Swedish Rail for approval.

A tip for Lloyd from a fellow-treehugger: Do the reading and ask questions before you shoot from the hip.


Lloyd Alter said...

I am so proud to receive this award. Thanks. I will update my post accordingly.

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Um, Mr. Alter? I checked your post, and you haven't updated a thing. You also haven't posted my comment, or responded to my email.

Despite your smug acceptance of this award, it seems like you would rather just ignore our debunkings of your article. Which makes sense - why would you draw attention to those of us who expose your propaganda? This is also the preferred tactic of your primary source - Ken Avidor, who has trudged on for 5 years despite the fact that his entire campaign has been discredited.

No, I don't think you'll be updating anything - your reply here is just Bill O'Reilly style vacuous bombast.

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

I sent an email to the TreeHugger editor, no response, so I posted this:

The Hypocrisy of TreeHugger.com

It's clear that Lloyd is aware of the reality of PRT, but he continues to push corporate rail marketing spin. That makes him a hypocrite in my book.

Mr_Grant said...

Why do so many people who win awards forget to thank their significant other? -Ed.