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Friday, April 04, 2008

Game On (or, So Much For New Year's Resolutions)

Hello, disciples of accuracy and objectivity. It looks like Cartoon Boy has bagged the spending-more-time-on-his-art excuse that he whipped out last January, when he needed to run away from his embarrassing record of hack 'journalism.'

That's right -- the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist has apparently gotten over his hypocritical, amnesia-riddled promotion of the candidacy of pro-gun, anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, highway-promoting Elwyn Tinklenberg. Kenwood has popped up on Democratic Underground, attempting to interfere in the congressional campaign of Debbie Cook (CA-46).

The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) promoters usually have some publicity stunt to prop up their politicians just before an election.

They've just announced a "Podcar Conference" in Ithaca, NY.

One of the speakers scheduled is Congressional candidate Debbie Cook:


It's disappointing that Debbie Cook would support PRT.

Here's a recent Treehugger blog post about PRT:

Not surprisingly, the rest of it is the same old shtick, repeating debunked talking points he originated, and trying to create the impression PRT is criminal.

Or "totally bogus." And how does a picture of Smoochy Bachmann planting one on Dubya do that? It doesn't, unless you're into Guilt By Association. Saying PRT is bogus because Smoochy supposedly supports it is like saying environmentalism is fascist because Hitler liked animals.

Making its debut is the hit piece in Treehugger. I bet Lloyd Alter thought that Ode to Cartoon Boy was just a one time thing. Sorry, but Kenmore has placed it firmly in his propaganda rotation. Treehugger's linkage to one of the most laughably erroneous fear/smear campaigns of recent times is here to stay. Congratulations, Lloyd.

Hello Debbie Cook & staff -- welcome fellow green progressives! Get started learning about the MN anti-PRT propagandist's long history of inaccuracy and odd notions by exploring our Fact Check category.

UPDATE (Aug. 22, 2011)- Lloyd Alter has changed his views!

Ken Avidor is the April Fool


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