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Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Hug

Big news, folks, in the ongoing effort to raise awareness about PRT: Lloyd Alter has largely changed his mind.

In an article posted today at Treehugger (http://bit.ly/oskqKn), Alter now writes--

"there is a real role for PRT and it is not, as I wrote a few years ago, always "a Cyberspace Techno-Dream".

That he specifically frames his new viewpoint as a contrast with his 2008, PRTher*-influenced, Cyberspace Techno-Dream article is a direct repudiation of the number-one PRTher's* propaganda claims.

Although Alter still doesn't accept that PRT could be an option in addressing transit's 'last mile' problem, his almost total reversal is proof that honest skeptics of PRT can change their mind when examining all the facts.

Alter now essentially agrees with me -- podcars should be part of the Transit Toolbox. PRT is not always the solution, but it can be sometimes. At this time Alter wouldn't advocate putting PRT in as many niches as I would. But things can change. It's a new day.**

The Chief Anti-PRT Propagandist must be having the Mother of All Snits right now.

* rhymes with Birther
** note to Lloyd Alter: You know, there's nothing in the rules saying you can't formally return your Golden Heimlich Award. I can tell you there's a high probability The Academy would accept it.

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