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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The twin threats of citizen activism and academic freedom

What do you call it when a group of citizens identifies a local problem, selects a possible solution for addressing the problem, creates a program for implementing the solution, and takes that program public for all to see? If you answered "grassroots activism," the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist begs to differ:

Ithaca's PRT Promoters Know Better Than You

...I am in favor of full and meaningful citizen participation in decisions that effect the neighborhoods they live in...

Meaningful citizen participation requires that citizens be given the power to make decisions based on the best available information.

The PRT promoters of Ithaca seem to have another idea... [ellipsis in original] no meaningful citizen participation.

Apparently, if a person from Ithaca supports PRT, in the eyes of Kiln Ovendoor they are no longer a citizen.

Nope, he calls them "‘green’ tyrants" who are going to "force [PRT] on Ithaca." On what does he base this allegation? This passage from a blog:

THE GOVERNMENT: Top down approach. This is how any really major change has ever happened in the world of environmentalism. Without governmental guidance or support very little will get done in a short period of time.

Let's look at the "blog" where this passage originated. Kenwood calls it Green Cities blog, but closer inspection reveals there is more to the story: it's part of a class at Cornell. The description at the top of the page reads:
"This highly participatory course will engage students in the possibilities and challenges of re-creating our cities as sustainable communities that enhance rather than deplete our planet and that provide a high quality of life for all their residents."
There are even links to a syllabus and class Powerpoints. It met twice a week in Snee Hall.

The class is about "green urbanism," and the passage about "The Government" is from a section where the writer discusses ten ways to achieve progress on a broad range of issues -- not only PRT.
Heaven forbid there should be any government leadership on the environment (does Labridor think Al Gore is a wacko?).

Children are our future, but I guess exploring, thinking college students (and the Academic Freedom that encourages them) are a lurking threat -- at least to the Propagandist.

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