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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I sense a schism approaching

Validating my earlier praise of new LL/Dumps blogger Eric Zaetsch: he writes "Enough said," and not "Nuff said." The latter annoys the crap out of me, and that Mr. Ovipod the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist uses it is just further reason to wipe the expression from common usage.

Zaetsch also revealed today that he stands firmly in the reality-based community:

We have science back to Kepler where observation and reconcilation of data prevails... Microchips work; engineering is good... science is real.
Science is not a debate permitting fools or theocrats to dictate - its reach and credibility is among and between scientists - it is not put to a popular vote.
Ovipod (Zaetsch's LL/Dumps co-contributor) better watch out, because one of his favorite talking points is that Personal Rapid Transit is a cult. Then there are Kenwood's tactics of twisting facts and ignoring the science on PRT, putting him squarely in the Phyllis Schlafly mold--at least where technology is concerned.

Finally, let's recall these words by a certain international figure:
"If, when we investigate something, we find there is reason and proof for it, we must acknowledge that as reality--even if it is in contradiction with... a deeply held opinion or view."
H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama
The Universe in a Single Atom


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