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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tomorrow's bloglines today

When was the last time Klose Opendoor, the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist, wrote anything smearing Personal Rapid Transit technology and its supporters, or mentioning PRT in the same breath as Mark Olson (R-Big Lake) and Michele Bachmann (R-Still crazy after all these years)? He's been so consumed with the current corruption trial of Dean Zimmermann (G-your hair smells terrific) that, for a moment, I considered the possibility that he might be using this as a way to segue out of the innovation-bashing game. Naw, probably not. So I'm starting a list of possible headlines he might use in the coming days (just trying to help, Klose!):

"Prosecution fails to put CPRT officers on the stand"
"PRT Not Mentioned in trial transcript"
"Ed Anderson E-mails not prosecution exhibits"
"Anderson E-mails Suppressed: what is prosecutor hiding?"
"No CPRTers testify: does Justice Dept. support Mark Olson?"
"Bachmann spotted hiding behind state flag in courtroom"
"PRT, Zimmermann Affect Price of Tea in China"
Speaking of his blogging, what can we divine from the postings about the Zimmermann trial that he's been putting on Lloydletta and Minneapolis Confidential?

1. The play-by-play on the trial is extensive and mainly unbiased
2. The caricatures are realistic and non-inflammatory

How has Kenmore Ovendoor been able to accomplish this? By bringing in other people to provide the quality, unbiased material. That's right; he doesn't do unbiased, realistic or non-inflammatory. Instead the trial coverage is being ably handled by one Liz McLemore, and the drawings by a Dan Scott.

Of course, our friend Avislur is still posting under the name Ned Luddington, so there is the remote possibility that McLemore and Scott are more of his aliases.

That aside, Mr. Ovipore has been relegated to the role of emcee: Master of Ceremonies, or MC. The same initials as Minneapolis Confidential. At the moment he's the Pat Sajak of Minneapolis bloggers.

Those of us who have been suffering his bizarre conspiracy theories and relentless self-promotion can find hope in the increasing presence of McLemore and Scott. May they continue in major roles on MC and Lloydletta, and on the Dump Fill In Name Here blogs as well.

McLemore and Scott, plus the intelligent and well-researched writing by other newcomer Eric Zaetsch, are the new stars on the Minneapolis liberal blog scene.

Update: Dan Scott is not the drawer, but the person depicted in the drawing. One doubts Kim Overlord is the artist though, since his artistic range is limited to depiction of glassy-eyed cultists and stubbly, SUV-driving white trash. --Ed.


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