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Thursday, March 01, 2007

More from the Litmus Tester!

The Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist thinks (and I use the word advisedly) that this blog entry is:

Not funny.
Mr_Blog is David Gow.
David Gow is a PRTista... just like Bachmann, Olson and Zimmermann.
Go away, Gow


Yup, at least he's consistent! Just like he'll vote for someone if they pose for a picture with a train, he even judges what is and isn't funny based on your preferred transit mode.

Read Wiseline Institute NW and tell me: am I "just like" Smoochy Bachmann and Slappy Olson? Zimmermann (a.k.a. "inmate #12696-041") is a lefty, but--UH OH, the wrong kind of lefty, he's "a PRTista" too!!!

The only overlap is PRT. It's all a big circle for Kiln Ovendoor, and it always leads back to PRT. Sounds crazy, I know. But he's the one who thinks Google Maps predicts the future (Light rail segment obliterated - heroic editor sounds alarm, 2/19). He wants me to "go away" because my being a Liberal PRT Supporter could cause his cognitive to go all dissonant.

Oh, and he again forgot to mention everyone else in the PRTista Brigade: The European Union, the British rail inspectorate, the Swedish Rail Agency, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, Peter Calthorpe of the Congress for New Urbanism (the Smart Growth people), Booz Allen Hamilton, Arup, POSCO, the Korea Railroad Research Institute, EPA and HUD career staffers, the City of SeaTac, WA, the Hacienda Transit Oriented Development in Silicon Valley, the BAA company (operator of Heathrow and other airports), architect and urban planner Sir Peter Hall, the Center for Transportation and the Environment (NC), the city of Daventry, UK...

The Ovendoor thinks he's smarter than all of 'em!

PRTistas are we!
Born to be free!
Just like the fish in the sea!

When will Ken Avidor learn--if he would just shut up about PRT, he would deprive me of material.

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