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Saturday, March 24, 2007

How can it be phony if phones aren't mentioned?

This post by the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist would be good investigative journalism--if you couldn't simply just click on my Blogger icon and get the same information he's trumpeting as though he'd just discovered Waldo. Unlike Nedken and his Luddington sockpuppet, my Mr_Grant handle is just a name, one I've used for many purposes for over a decade. I don't use it to hide my real identity.

Labridor just calls my experimental Franken blog "phony" without doing anything a real TC Daily Planet editor would do, such as discussing the actual content (won't--or can't). And he doesn't tell his readers to visit Wiseline Institute NW Presents Mr_Blog's Left Turn, my main blog of liberal satirical comment. That would merely put the lie to his claims that only Resmuglicans are PRT supporters.

God what a jo e he is. For him, "good investigative journalism" is like that practiced by the Jeff Goldblum character in "The Big Chill."

"Face it, the outdoors is just one giant Ken Avidor."

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