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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

He's hiding from his readers

The Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist has explained his recent move to block comments at the Dump Mark Olson smear-blog this way:

"Due to constant posting of nonsense by full-time PRTista A.T.E., comments will no longer be permitted on this blog.

When A.T.E's parents pull the plug on his computer and encourage him to find a new hobby, I'll allow comments again." Source

It's just so disingenuous! Think about it: How will he know when A Transportation Enthusiast's parents pull the plug? Does he expect A.T.E. (or Mr. & Mrs. E.) is going to send him a friendly message?

No, neither do I.

What's really happening is that Avidor is using this as an excuse so that he never again has to read what others think about his little propaganda war. He can't bear other viewpoints; he can't stand being challenged; he can't even cope with satire's "heat."

Therefore the "cook" has gotten out of the "kitchen," and he's blaming the "diners."


1 comment:

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Not a chance dear old Daddy would pull the plug on me! After all, he works for the Vast Worldwide Anti-Transit Conspiracy - Stalking Horse Division (VWATC-SHD), so he's proud as a peach of my activities!

In fact, he's talked to his boss about getting me into the business - you're looking at the future Assistant Director of Subversive Activities for VWATC-SHD Asia, based in Kazakhstan. I'm so excited!