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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rubber Glove Time

Oh look: Kiln Ovendoor, the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist, has his hand up some new puppet's ass. (And now he thinks he can bloviate and link unchallenged by factcheckers such as "PRT Is a Joke is a Joke," since he has disabled external comments. Only the unhinged anti-PRT party line is allowed at the Dump Mark Olson blog!)

The new marionette in question offers up an expansion on the "the Denver airport baggage system is PRT" talking point, as well as the usual baseless accusations of an anti-transit conspiracy. A new wrinkle: adopting the Neocon mislabeling strategy (e.g., "Democrat Party," "socialized medicine," Swiftboating, etc.), the baggage system is repeatedly called "Denver PRT" or "Denver Airport PRT."

Of course, the failed Denver baggage system is not PRT: the technology is not the same; the implementation is not the same; the companies involved are not the same.* Mislabeling PRT as a baggage system and repeating the lie over and over (shades of George W. Bush's "catapult the propaganda") doesn't make it true.

PRT and the Denver baggage system are only the same in the minds of the anti-PRT luddites. Far from being anti-transit, the T in PRT stands for transit.

They are right about one thing. PRT is a distraction--but in the sense that it gives the light rail crowd a convenient target to scream at, rather than giving up the pretense that LRT can 'do it all.' They're not interested in finding new strategies, such as complementary transit modes like PRT, that can help make urban transit systems more effective.


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