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Thursday, July 20, 2006

See him snap!

The Minnesota anti-PRT activist has snapped (!) and deleted the tests I performed for today's experiment at Dump Mark Olson! I'm banned!

Good thing I saved the results for lovers of the scientific method to enjoy.

My hypothesis, which I'll share with you now, was that Ken Avidor (aka Kenwood, aka Kiln Ovendoor, aka Kon Aviplot, etc.) has no sense of humor. We also see that he cannot even look at anything that challenges the narrow, anti-technology world view he has constructed for himself.

All in all, a successful day. I shall look forward to presenting my findings to the "PRT Is a Joke is a Joke" Satire Science Committee on Friday.

We'll also be discussing fluid dynamics of tequila-based mixtures.

Future experiments on
Avidor will have to be indirect. Alas...

Psych! We're still going to have a great time! There's plenty of Funny in the future, because Kiln Ovendoor is a neverending supply of material!

More Funny from recent experiments posted here!

See How They Distort
Ken Avidor requires dense penetration of neighborhoods and commercial areas

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