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Monday, July 24, 2006

Codename: FANBOY

So who is this essay-writer "hause011," doing all he can [1, 2, 3] to promote the false "Denver automated baggage system is PRT" talking point (Rubber Glove Time, 7/22)?

A transit specialist? An unbiased researcher? A neutral observer? Nope! He's a fan of Avidor's "artwork," and they go way back: here.

And here.
And here.
And even here ("gets runned over"! Dialect humor! HA!).

And he's long been featured on !!!'s "critics page," first smearing PRT proponents as "transit haters," then veering way, way far off on a tangent about a failed fare-zone system for buses, as though it had something to do with PRT. Just bizarre--but par for the course, coming from !!! and his small platoon of anti-PRT yes-persons.


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