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Friday, July 28, 2006

I think he forgot something

The Minnehaha anti-PRT propagandist (who gets annoyed when his name isn't mentioned; so I don't) is back.

Today he divulges someone's private e-mail message, makes some off-base generalizations, tries to throw a snark grenade at PRT supporters, and then asks his readers a couple of questions. But how are they going to answer? HELLO!? Has he already forgotten that he blocked reader comments?

Oh right: Kennehaha is talking to himself.

P.S. for readers: Mr. K. Ovispore scorns Morrie Anderson's assertion that PRT and light rail are complementary. He writes, "Morrie Anderson isn't going to score any points with the hardline PRTistas unless he says LRT is a "19th Century technology" or the tool of Satan or something like that.[*]" Well, if Ovispore doesn't know Anderson's view is the mainstream of PRT thinking, he's once again revealing his poor research abilities. The planned Pleasanton, CA PRT network will interface with BART; SoundPRT promotes three PRT scenarios, including rail station feeder service; the Swedish railway administration is planning PRT specifically for getting people to and from train stations; a fully-developed Heathrow PRT will interface with rail service there; the Korean Railroad Research Institute's PRT program is literally called "Alongside Rail."

* Actually, it's 18th century technology, but what's a hundred years. Anything after the good ship Mayflower is High Tech to The Luddington.



A Transportation Enthusiast said...

If "PRTistas" are not against light rail, that just blows his whole "stalking horse" conspiracy theory out of the water, doesn't it? The foundation of Kenidor's whole campaign is that PRT lovers will always bash light rail!

So, of course he's going to try to downplay Morrie Anderson's pro LRT approach, portraying him as out of touch with the typical "transit-hating PRTistas", because otherwise, it raises the possibility that the stalking horse theory is {gasp!} not true!!!

BTW, it's interesting to note that we haven't seen the words "stalking horse" recently from our Minneapolis friend. Even words like "fraud" and "hoax" seem to be lacking in his latest postings. Is he backing off those extreme statements now that there is so much proof that they are completely ridiculous?

Mr_Grant said...

Maybe he was notified that those words are copyrighted by (pick one)--

a. Enron
b. Barry Bonds
c. The International Cycling Union