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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

When Appliance Parts Go Fishing

Today Kenmore Ovendoor the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist takes Curt Gowdy on another deep, deep, deep sea fishing expedition. Watch as Humidor casts and casts and casts with no bites! Enjoy the blatant POV pushing! Thrill to hours and hours of political trawling! Chuckle as he gets tangled in his own line.

Coming up next: Mark Olson and the PRT Scam” by Clifford Irving. Excerpt: "Mark Olson was conceived in both senses of the word as a multi-decade experiment in gadgetbahnism. His father was Donn Fichter, who is credited as the father of gadgetbahn, and his mother is the conceptual artist "Chastity," a simple German girl whose father invented World War II. Together they made for a perfect start to a neverending conspiracy today known to a handful of cartoonists as the PRT Scam. Fichter and Chastity planned for their son Mark to grow up to become an American lawmaker. Their patient scheme was for Mark to futilely introduce gadgetbahn legislation in Minnesota that always fails, therefore not winning any state funding for gadgetbahn -- a clever trick to guarantee the supremacy of the criminal organization known as the National Asphalt & Highway Confederation, as well as providing a pastime for underemployed art school graduates..."

K@nny-boy: Put down the
Short Elliott Hendrickson talking point and step away...
Ken Avidor strikes iceberg and sinks on maiden voyage

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