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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bring It On IV: Epilogue

The bias charge against me at Wikipedia by Kenwood the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist? It went down in flames. This is what it was about--trying to slant Wikipedia, a project that has the objective of being neutral and objective, so it reflects his personal bias. Here is his blatant appeal --

Please Get Somebody at Wikipedia to do something about Personal Rapid Transit
In the wake of the 35W bridge collapse in my city, right-wingers and PRT promoters are attacking transit funding and even funding of bicycle infrastructure[3][4]. Please bring some reality to that PRT article before the next MN special session when Rep. Mark Olson and others will likely use PRT to attack funding for the Central Corridor LRT and Northstar. The Arizona Tribune recently ran a good article about UniModal where a transportation professional was quoted saying Skytran "is an idea on the Internet, but that's about the only place it exists." [5] It's time the Wikipedia article about PRT reflect the consensus of transportation professionals instead of the PRT promoters (who are editing it- see talk pages)....thank you...[Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist] 15:39, 10 August 2007 (UTC)
Just to show you how ineffective he is, this post was made on the discussion page of a senior Wikipedia user who has withdrawn from Wikipedia activity. In other words, this rather desperate plea is falling on deaf ears.
Nonetheless, it confirms everything PRT proponents and neutral observers have been saying -- the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist is engaged in an ultimately political campaign against a technology. He perceives PRT as a threat to another technology he prefers; PRT itself has done nothing to earn such fear.
Don't like some of the politicans who claim to support PRT? Then don't vote for them. But PRT is just a technology.
It is not partisan. It is inanimate.

"Bring It On" Series, parts I, II, and III
UPDATE: The case has been closed and archived -- the title is "Mr Grant - No COI"
Ken Avidor - AKron dive

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