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Monday, August 13, 2007

See who's on his side

Rodiva the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist has a new talking point. 'Seems one official of one road department in Arizona is dismissive of the Skytran PRT concept. So naturally the propagandist feels obligated to trumpet this and claim the Wikipedia PRT article does not reflect "the consensus of transportation professionals."

Check out the Arizona Republic article Rodiva is linking to, and scroll down to the reader comments. Notice how the people agreeing with the anti-PRT position fall into three loose categories:

People who hate Arizona and Mesa--

hahahahha...... America's dumbest state continues. What a joke.

Great idea! Can take residents from the trailer park or retirement community over to the pawn shop and liquor store. Stop by Walmart for some camoflouge hunting gear

Besides, Mesa is the most backward city in the valley.

Main Street is a joke even for a small farming town. The city of Mesa is run by a bunch of hillbillies.

People who think referring to The Simpsons monorail episode is original--

This sounds eerily like a Simpsons episode.

Wasn't there a Simpson's episode about this... something about monorail saleman pitching a deal that can't be passed? I agree Mesa should only invest in proven technology.

monorail.... monorail..... MONORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

...is there a chance the track could bend?

agreed- this sounds more like a SHELBYVILLE idea.

And racists and haters of the homeless--

This sounds awesome! I would love to pay,with my tax dollars, for the transportation of homeless people!

This will be a great way to transport all the illegal aliens living in down town out to the airport… and the homeless people will have a new place to go pee. We could even call them pee pods.

Hope the migrant workers enjoy riding it.


Of course, on the homeless Kenwood is already there.


Ken Avidor - vAn ride oK

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