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Friday, August 17, 2007

Editor's note: An open letter to you know who

Dear Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist,

When you want to win friends and influence people, first impressions are important. It's making sure you're being seen at your best. It's putting your best foot forward. Presentation.

You don't do it just for the sake of doing it, of course. You do it because people know that if you care enough to attend to the little details, you're someone that maybe they should heed. Someone to take seriously.

Take some normal events from every day life. Would you pick your nose in front of a potential client? No, you wouldn't. Would you snap your fingers in a Greek diner to get a waitress's attention? Of course not. You can lose an arm that way.

Similarly, when you communicate with an elected official in a letter, your goal should be to impress. You should be concise. You should address one subject. Don't send a screed that tries to link domestic violence, verbal abuse, transit technology and the I-35W bridge. You might come off looking a bit, well, you know.

Do open with the salutation "Dear."

Do proofread. Do put a professor's name, title and university in the correct order. Don't reveal you are ignorant of the difference between capital punishment and capitol punishment.

Don't complain about a bill you opposed that has already been defeated, last year.

And most of all, when writing an open letter to Margaret Anderson Kelliher, and not only post it on the interweb for the world to see, but also expect her to read it instead of clicking the Back icon, at least have the courtesy to address her as Speaker Kelliher or Madam Speaker.

But only if you want to be effective.

Hope this helps,
Managing Editor

We now adjourn Ken Avidor sine die

1 comment:

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

I'd also add: don't use the recent horrific tragedy in your own hometown as a shameless political prop in support of your dirty campaign - it's pretty amazing that this would even need to be said, isn't it?

The way he's used this tragedy as a cheap propaganda tool - even as the search for bodies continues to this day - is about as low as I've seen anyone go. I think even Karl Rove would cringe and turn away in disgust at this vomitous display of insensitivity.

Sales of Roadkill Bill must be really weak this month...