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Monday, August 20, 2007

Baby it's cold (or warm) inside - UPDATE 3

Today comes word that the first ULTra production vehicle has been delivered to the PRT test track in Cardiff. Says ATS Ltd. --

"The new vehicle features a more powerful motor, full climate control, and the complete passenger interface." Source

Recall that Ken Avidor the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist claims PRT doesn't/can't have air conditioning. Recently he issued a revised version of this unsupported, bogus charge:
The [ULTra] vehicle has to be converted from battery to hybrid (burning diesel or gasoline) in order to have HVAC.

Conversion to burning fossil fuels pretty much removes the selling point that PRT is non-polluting.
(Seattle P-I Forum 7/26/07)

(9/17/2011) Sure, it's been 4 years since this post went up, but debunking knows no expiration date!  This new ULTra press release must be cited:
Heathrow Airport has today unveiled the Heathrow pod, the airport’s most innovative transport system and the first new example of transit technology in 100 years...

Each temperature-controlled Heathrow pod has been designed for privacy and comfort and allows passengers to select their own direct destination.
Now you're probably saying, "man, four years was a long time ago. Give Avidor a break, he's probably given up on that one."  A reasonable and generous impulse -- except, here he is in tweets from August 2011, fishing (unsuccessfully) for substantiation:
Andrew_Frankel Sign in heathrow pod saying it 'does not produce any emissions'. Fair comment or wilfully misleading cobblers? Discuss.
Avidor @Andrew_Frankel Was the Heathrow pod interior climate-controlled? - Did the pod have ventilation/air conditioning?
Andrew_Frankel @Avidor Dunno, wasn't a hot day so didn't notice. My guess is that it's ventilated but not a/c. Not much point for 5 min journey?

Avidor @Andrew_Frankel Thanks. Maybe not in UK, they're trying to sell these pods all over the world - India, Australia, and here in Minnesota.

Update 3 (1/25/2012)

Ken Avidor should stop blogging about the PRT and scram

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A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Well, golly gee, where'd they put the diesel engine on that thing? It's gotta be there somewhere! Everyone knows HVAC requires a fuel-burning engine, for Pete's sake!

Oops, gotta go - it's gonna be a hot one tonight and my air conditioner's just about out of gas!

(This comment brought to you by... Roadkill Bill - bashing PRT since 2003! On sale now at an Amazon near you!)

(Hey, why not - maybe Ken will send me some of his royalties! :-))