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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bring It On

The Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist has launched a new front in his Global Skirmish On PRT: an attack on me. To wit, at Wikipedia he's asking if I get paid for PRT work. As if there would be something wrong with that if I did. Not saying that I do; not saying I don't.

He's tried this before, but then it was to divert attention from his laughable propaganda errors. Now he's refined and streamlined it into a full-fledged talking point! It's like I finally have my own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Can you wait to see what lies, guesswork and innuendo he comes up with? I know I can't.

"Bring It On" Series, parts II, III and IV

General Ken Avidor today announced the surge in idiocy is starting to work.

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