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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Surrealism? Dadaism?

The Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist is still trying to paint the pretty picture that if you're a PRT supporter you must be a right-winger. What I've been countering with is the truth that PRT is not "owned" by any particular party, and that plenty of progressives and neutral agencies support it too.

Here's another example. Which party came up with the original idea for an ULTra PRT system for Cardiff, Wales? If you buy the Propagandist's logic, it must be the Tories, right?

You would be incorrect. The party promoting ULTra over buses was Labour: the UK's traditional democratic socialist party. It was the less-left "Liberal Democratic" party that took the conservative position of sticking with what we know, are comfortable with, that doesn't involve change.

Also today: The Bloviador notes that Rep. Mark "Slappy" Olson sent out a crazy questionnaire. I don't know about crazy, but it is tiresomely Resmuglican -- transparently designed to elicit responses, among other things, against universal health care and for English-only laws. I would like to know, though, what's crazy about all-day kindergarten.

PRT isn't mentioned in the questionnaire, and neither is he. So why has Labridor tagged his post with "Personal Rapid Transit" and his own name? Ego much?

Ken Avidor will give your pet a healthy, glossy coat.

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