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Friday, April 27, 2007

See him hopping down the bunny trail

In the last post (By Any Other Name, today) I added a bulletin about how Kiln Ovendoor the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist is copying "PRT Is a Joke" is a Joke, and started putting "Easter Eggs" at the end of his blog posts. For instance --

Ask Ken Avidor what he knows about the "Personal Rapid Transit" scam. Source

Some advice: hey Ken, a fundamental rule of Easter Eggs is that text has to be totally invisible. I can see yours, it is slightly gray; maybe you copied that from me too? Color code #f5f6f6?

Second, are you absolutely sure you want to ask people to ask you what you know about PRT? Because they're gonna find out you don't know squat.

And third, if you really want people to ask you, you need to turn your Commenting back on.


A Ken Avidor spill on Lake Superior was reported to the Coast Guard this morning --


A Transportation Enthusiast said...

The cartoonist's world is black and white. Ovendoor can't distinguish shades of gray.

A Transportation Enthusiast said...

Another thought:

Did you ever consider that maybe the Easter Bunny left young Ovendoor's eggs right out there in the open where he could see them? Maybe the Easter Bunny recognized that young Ovendoor was incapable of finding his treats if they were hidden?

That might explain the clearly visible Easter eggs on Ovendoor's blog...