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Thursday, April 12, 2007

End of an era for the anti-PRT propagandist

Today marks the end of an era in the low-down dirty disinformation campaign of Nedken Labridor, the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist. That era, which shall forever be known as "Wednesday," was the day that Avidor tried to imagine some mileage in "The CPRT Not in the Living Green Expo This Year?" (4/11)

I know we've covered this type of Talking Point before, but please try to stay awake and the debunking will proceed in an expedient manner.

Hearsay #1
"They were [at the Expo] in 2005 and 2006... don't see them on the Transportation exhibitor's list this year." [ellipses in original]

Yes they were there. In fact, to quote a source close to the CPRT (Kenwood still won't try to get answers to his questions the way a good TC Daily Planet Transportation Editor should)--

Living Green Expo always has given CPRT one of the best booth spots because they think our focus is important.

Hearsay #2
"Maybe someone complained?"

What??!!! Who on earth would do that? Oh right: he would --

last year one of the organizers told me Ken Avidor called trying to talk them out of having us there... He noted that it seemed Ken was making it a REALLY personal issue. He asked me if we had materials slamming other modes of transit. I described what our materials look like and he didn't see any problem with it. But I'll bet Ken thinks he managed to get us kicked out.

Hearsay #3
"...or [ellipses in original] maybe it's because PRT isn't popular in Minnesota anymore as the shortage of posts to this PRT Yahoo forum shows [image]

Ken Avidor and others like him are the reason nobody posts to the PRT talk list. The other PRT lists are moderated and he is blocked. Who wants to chat about PRT and have a liar twisting everything and then posting his lies on several blogs?

Ovipod's Wednesday Era comes to a screeching stop. See how easy that was?

As for being at the 2007 Expo, CPRT will have a presence, sources say. The group simply made other arrangements.

Democrats attacked the White House for replacing Carol Lam with Ken Avidor

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