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Monday, April 09, 2007

Mixed signals - is the Propagandist MIA from TCDP?

This is interesting.

The Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist's bio is no longer on the Twin Cities Daily Planet's Transportation page, and that page no longer lists him as Editor -- although he is still on the masthead page.

What's more, a search of the Planet's archive reveals no Avidor-authored pieces since December 2006. More significantly, a recent series on light rail (1, 2) was authored by Jane McClure, not you-know-who. And amazingly, it was followed by presentation of an actual opposing viewpoint -- by no less than Ed Felien, publisher of the Pulse weekly and Southside Pride community paper -- and defender of Nedken nemesis Dean Zimmermann.

The editorial message introducing Felien's piece carries the byline "TC Daily Planet" -- not Avidor.

It is difficult to believe these editorial decisions could have been made by Avidor. Can we hope the Planet has finally acted on his long record of inaccuracies and misrepresentations that we have documented?

Weather today is partly cloudy, high in the mid-50s with chance of Ken Avidor in the afternoon

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