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Thursday, April 05, 2007

See his sweeping generalization

Say, did you read the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist quoting new Kansas City (MO) Mayor Mark Funkhauser (Democrat -- yesss!), a West Virginia University alum?

Mark Funkhouser used to ride West Virginia University's Personal Rapid Transit system, which he recalled "was broken down half the time."...He says the PRT "wasn't really mass transit... Source (and congrats for finally learning how to use ellipses correctly)

Well, no, I agree -- how could it be mass transit, with only five stations?

A more complete excerpt from that portion of the Honorable Mr. Funkhauser's interview is:
He says the PRT "wasn't really mass transit," certainly not like the system Kansas City needs to develop. Source

I agree! Not a five-station, 1970s era PRT --even if it has run for millions of miles and still serves 15,000 daily passengers. In other words, what's the 'gotcha' that Avidor thinks he's reporting? Nothing! Come on Ken, get it together! You're the Transportation Editor of the Twin Cities Daily Planet! Display some reading comprehension!

And of course, the Morgantown PRT doesn't really break down "half the time" -- that, class, is what they call hyperbole. A successful alumni trash-talking with his alma mater's campus newspaper. The M-PRT actually has 98 - 99% availability rate, as described in a peer-reviewed paper.

Anyways, Avidor now has a New Talking Point: "the so-called PRT system that breaks down half the time." Can you wait to see how many times he's going to use it? I can't!

Three: 2 to change the light bulb and 1 to hold the Ken Avidor

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