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Thursday, October 19, 2006

His safe place

The Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist's latest attack-smear is empty rhetoric, and he knows it. How can I state this with such surety?

It's not that he repeats some of his same old, debunked claims, and variations on others. It's not that he makes allegations about PRT programs that are distortions or based on flawed guesswork. And it's not his grandiose insistence that elected officials fear him.


The proof is in his choice of where to post his rant: the Dump Mark Olson blog. Not Lloydletta's Nooz; not Dump Bachmann. In those blogs the citizens of cyberspace are welcome to post comments--they can have at it, freedom of speech-wise.

Dump Mark Olson, on the other hand, is Kern Labridor's little online playground. Where he turned off the commenting a while back, because he couldn't take getting spanked by this reporter and Weiner Watch's ATE.

Like the way he recently got spanked at Lloydletta. But he can't turn off comments there, because the other contributors aren't afraid of free speech. Thus the Propagandist's retreat to Dump Olson.

Why would any blogger need to turn off commenting at a blog that's ostensibly about defeating a right wing Resmuglican like Olson? Exposing right wing Resmuglicans is the easiest thing in the world (these days it's getting to the point where it's almost too easy!); why would a blogger need to take steps to be unchallenged?

The answer is that it's not about politics: the Propagandist is pursuing a vendetta against any innovative transportation proposals. Personal Rapid Transit especially is his litmus test for politicians and public policy--not health insurance, not public schools, not employment, not funding for arts and sciences, not even Bush and his bankrupt policies (see Update, below). Kenmore the Propagandist always brings the argument around to PRT.

(Update (10/23): By the way, it doesn't really count when the Propagandist posts copies of intelligent things written by others. Instead, it merely reinforces that he really has no interest in those other issues. If he did, he would write something original on those topics, instead of always harping on PRT.)

This is why he uses Dump Mark Olson. Where only his opinion is permitted. Where he doesn't have to worry about others proving him wrong.

Where he feels safe.

Ken Avidor is a fictional character

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