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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The word is getting out

Or, "Circular"

The Emper-dor has no clothes!

To The Editor,

...As I read the letter in last week’s paper from Joyce LeClaire, I couldn’t help but wonder how our priorities got so messed up. On top of which she has numerous factual errors... probably from the false "expert" [Kiln Ovendoor] (left wing author of numerous blogs: dump... whoever I disagree with[,] and who also has had numerous entries in the online dictionary [W]ikipedia removed because of the nonsense he spouts off). Source
Well-read people are finding out it's not PRT that is "the joke."

Yet here he comes again, with
another self-referential posting today: linking a Democratic campaign website, which quotes a newspaper quoting a column in another newspaper critical of PRT, as though it is authoritative.

And failing to mention that one phrase,

PRT “was little more than a stalking horse for the highway construction industry and individuals belonging to anti-rail transit groups Source
is one of HIS propaganda phrases. It's a tip-off that the cited column originated with HIM. Unfortunately, the Patty Wetterling campaign bought the lie (but vote for her, we need a Democratic House majority!).

UPDATE (1205-5 Oct): Avismores is claiming this post is an attack on Patty Wetterling! How can that be if I'm telling readers (a) he is responsible for the underlying lie, and (b) they should vote for Wetterling? I understand her campaign's need for good soundbites with which to battle the egregious Bachmann; I don't blame Wetterling for falling for Aviscorn's misinformation--it sounds so truthy. He is just trying to distract from having to take responsibility for the "stalking horse" talking point.

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