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Sunday, October 15, 2006

At least he'll attract flies

The Minnesota anti-PRT Propagandist is hoping to attract the Minneapolis Star-Tribune to his litany of disinformation and smear politics. Let's take a look at how he hopes to get on the Trib's good side. It's like a traffic accident--you don't want to look, but the spectacle is irresistable.

Strategy 1-- Insult the Trib and other media:

  • Here we go again... the Strib's Laurie Blake has another puff piece about PRT.
  • [The local affiliate of] Fox news also ran a puff piece about J-Pods
  • I don't expect Fox News [local affiliate] to be able to sort fact from fiction, but it's disapointing [sic] to to [sic] read yet another PRT puff piece that repeats the same anti-LRT disinformation from the Strib's transportation reporter, Laurie Blake.
  • Please assign future PRT stories to an investigative or political reporter.
Laurie Blake: his new Zoe Naylor (see "also Nov. 5")?

Strategy 2-- Insult public servants and others:
  • clueless Minneapolis Council President Barbara Johnson...
  • The "inventor" of J-Pods... hobbyist
  • Bill James claims that his wacky invention
Strategy 3-- display inability to commmunicate key message:
  • Unlike the shiny red Taxi 2000 prototype, the J-Pod is obviously a joke.
Finally! He admits Taxi 2000 PRT is not a joke! Now that's a reason to alert the media!

Strategy 4-- repeat tired old propaganda and debunked self-promotion:
'Oh please please please can I have another outlet for my smear campaign!?'

Yes, there will certainly be a lot of buzzing around Kiln Ovendoor. Big turds always attract buzzing.

He is unable to defend one of his oldest allegations (search for "What do we do about this passage")

Ken Avidor is the last good thing to happen to the Tiffany Network

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