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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dohee, Twist, D'Stort + Howe, LLC

What might it be like if the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist opened his own communications consulting firm?

Business: "We at Boeing believe Airbus' new plane is far from new! In fact it is similar to other airplanes that have been flying since the 1950s."

Sports: "The Seattle Mariners are proven! It would be too risky to draft unproven high school and college players into our farm system. They have no major or minor league experience!"

Academics: "The earthshaking conclusions in my new book are supported by over 300 footnoted references to unpublished research papers also written by me."*

Science: "I'm here to announce the Center for Brain Research is ending our wacky quest into the human mind. I opened the skulls of dozens of people, and I could see no thoughts inside, only gray meat-like stuff. The whole idea of conscious thought is silly."

Entertainment: "For your consideration: Michael Bay for Best Director. Take a look at this picture of Michael Bay on-set, standing next to the chair with Director printed on the back. It's a clear choice for Academy voters. Nuff said."

"Saddam wouldn't let the inspectors in! Mission accomplished! We gotta fight them over there, so we don't hafta fight them over here! I'm the decider!
We're safer, but not yet safe! Al-Qaeda is bogus!"
* see "6:39 pm"

Ken Avidor has a solid 30-year record of failure

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