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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Today in Oz

Today the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist attempts to respond to getting slammed in the Sherburne Citizen (Word is getting out, 10/4).

Read his lame response. He makes it all about him, by crying about being attacked (again, he dishes it out but can't take it), so as to distract from the point of the original letter: Lugubridor's "numerous factual errors." (He never addresses all the times he's been wrong; he just tries to change the subject. But it seems like he forgets sometimes, and claims --laughably--to be right about everything.)

He then fluffs and preens, claiming that legislative calendars are reshuffled in fear of him. Another example of his claiming credit for things where it is not deserved.

Pay no attention to the disinformer behind the curtain.

Ken Avidor represents the Lollipop Guild

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