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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why does he hate pirates?

Once again demonstrating his supreme lack of a sense of humor, the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist ruined International Talk Like a Pirate Day for millions of children all over the internation. He did it on his Michele-Bachmann-spankin' new blog, Green Party Gone Bad, when he began using the Ejection Seat on this reporter's pirate-motif comments.

Why does he hate talking like pirates? Why does he hate the little children who want to talk like pirates? Why does he hate comedy and America???

His ostenible justification was that the comments were "off-topic." However, his application of this new standard seems arbitrary and capricious.

1. The following, in direct response to his claim that what he is practicing is "muckraking," was deleted:

Cap'n_Blog said...

A question from the crew, Kap'n K@n:

How can what ye be doin' be called "muckraking" when all ye be doin' is reprintin' and linkin' things that other gobs be postin'?

Yer posts here be containin' no investigatin' of yer own, only brief and subjective comment-arrrrrr-y.
2. A comment responding to his claim that candidate Mike Cavlan had "a meltdown,":
Mr_Grant said...

I say, old man, what's this "meltdown" you write of? Micko Cavlan is just talking like a Wodehousian character, satire-wise don't you know.

No. One guesses you don't.
Also deleted. Why does he hate P.G. Wodehouse?

3. Finally, when he announced the policy about off-topic comments, I wrote the following:
Cap'n_Grant said...


Arrrr, since ye are mentioning off-topicness, do ye mean off-topicness is the topic? Because I hope I am on-topic by pointi
ng out that ye often strays off-topic--here for instance.
Deleted! Three on-topic comments, all suppressed!

So: he earns a point for not shutting off comments entirely (like he did at Dump Mark Olson, (He's hiding from his readers, 7/26))-- but he loses 10 points for defining on-topic comments in such a way that would make the audience screener at a George W. Bush rally proud.

Also today: Introducing Weiner Watch. The community of blogs dedicated to the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist just grew by 100%!


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