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Thursday, September 07, 2006

See his Right Wing connection!

From The Pulse (Minneapolis):

...local developer and right-wing pundit Jim Graham explained why he and his conservative friends had a party to celebrate Dean Zimmermann's conviction for bribery:

"I, and other neighborhood people, had requested County and Federal investigation into this situation for three years... The reason Barb Lickness and her friends had a party to celebrate his conviction was Zimmermann had crapped all over their neighborhood for four years to support the Sabri organization."
What's this??? Barb Lickness is a conservative friend of a right-wing developer/pundit? THE Barb Lickness??? The same Barb Lickness who has written at least one letter-to-the-editor against Personal Rapid Transit? A letter ghost-written by the Minnesota anti-PRT Propagandist (Puppetmaster, 9/13/2005)???

This is almost too delicious for words! For a long while now Kenwood has tried to characterize PRT as strictly a right-wing tool. He's even smeared liberal-ol'-me! Directly, by mentioning me in the same breath with Resmuglicans like Tom Delay (6/18/2005, 5:32 pm), and sneering at me "I thought you were a liberal." And indirectly, writing "right-wing bloggers... reminds me of the PRTista who has a blog about me, but spells my name with asterisks."

This time, the path starts with an actual right-winger, and leads straight to the front door of the "PRT Skeptic. "

Time to come clean, Mister Skeptic! What is the true nature of your relationship with Rep. Mark Olson? What is really behind your salacious focus on Sen. Michele Bachmann's hands (Mr. Peepers, 8/31)? How many properties do you rent from Steiner Development (See Him Bash Comedy Gold, 7/20)? What's the MPG on your Hummer? Are you now or have you ever been a subscriber to National Review???

Previously: Astroturf!-- Puppetmaster (9/13/2005)

Also today: See him slammed by a Green

From MnGreens.org discussion list:
"If politics was so easy and as black and white as this then we should begin building an alter [sic] to [!!!!!!] for his work in emphasizing that politics is not about a complete package, but about your stand on PRT. Modeling ourselves after [!!!!!!'s] merciless work attacking Greens like, Michael Cavlan, Dean Zimmermann, Julie Risser, and probably others in blogs yet unfound or unmade, is what other parties do with other issues and something we should avoid unless we desire living in political obscurity." --David Dittman, 9/6/2006

Ken Avidor exists only in simulation

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