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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Editor's note: Welcome P-I readers!

If you're visiting based on yesterday's recommendation by the "PRTskeptic" in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Local Transit Forum, thanks for stopping by!

A few clarifications and explanations for new readers.

First, if you're not familiar with the term gadgetbahn, it is a made-up word used by people who are against innovation in transportation technology. They apply the word to any new transport technology they don't like, basically anything invented after 1897--the monorail was invented c. 1898. Why they are such reactionaries, I couldn't hazard to guess.

Second, people who wield the gadgetbahn paintbrush are notoriously inaccurate. For example, this blog is not primarily about these new transit technologies. Rather, this blog is about HIM, the "PRTskeptic." He hates it when people don't refer to him by name--so I don't. Instead, I humorously call him by names that rhyme with his real name, or parody his real name. Often I call him "the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist." Sometimes I just spell his name with exclamation points or asterisks. It's all in fun! Which brings us to the

Third thing, which is: the motif of this blog is liberal-progressive-motivated Funny! Humor, satire and parody are the Best Practice when writing about the "PRTskeptic," because his record of innaccuracy and distortion makes serious debunking difficult. And boring. Kiln Ovendoor (an example of a homophone of his name) has demonstrated many times that his Achilles Heel is a pronounced lack of a sense of humor. So it's more effective, as well as more enjoyable for everyone, if we just relax and have fun with it!

However, I pledge to always have truth at the core of every post.

So feel free to have a look around! Check out previous posts, as well as the Links and Best Of lists in the sidebar. It's great to have you here. Visit often!

P.S. Thanks for the endorsement, Kenwood!


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