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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You get your money's worth

Why, why, why does anyone consider Koney Aviblair, Prime Sinister of the anti-technology nation, to be a journalist? The proprietor of Lloydletta/Dumps seems impressed by him because he doesn't charge her for his work. But anyone else?

Here's a link to his most recent piece of slanted manipulations, give it a read and then come right back. I'll wait. You might want to open it in a new window.

All done? Let's begin. The "excellent Light Rail Now article" he mentions is an anonymous, non-peer reviewed hack job that has been debunked numerous times on basic errors of fact and logic. That he thinks it "excellent" indicates a high likelihood that he is its author. Furthermore, all four of the examples he goes on to cite have errors of fact, blatant misrepresentation, and beating the dead horse:

1.a. CPRT's website: talk about misinformation! Yes, what dark, shameful things can be imagined from their site being down? How about the very common occurance of their webmaster forgetting to renew their domain registration? What happened to the days when journalists called sources and interviewed people-- that is, why didn't he just ask them why the site was down? (See also #3.)

Updated 10/2/06: cprt.org is back on line. -Ed.

1.b. CPRT and the IRS. A CPRT official tells this reporter that the IRS sent them a memo relating to Labridor's charges, saying they were told to put some boilerplate language on the website (Talking Point Compost, 7/25) which the CPRT board had to approve. In other words, not an IRS censure of CPRT. More like, Dear CPRT: Please post this so the strange man will leave us alone. Sincerely yours, The IRS.

And yet Kenwood is throwing around the "electioneering" charge. Does he know something else that CPRT isn't saying? How could he know that something if it hasn't been publicized? Unless he has a secret source--but if he does, why withhold it? What kind of "journalist" (other than your Robert Novak types) would make unsupported claims, or withhold important facts?

2. ULTra, Wales and E.D.I.C.T. The Prime Sinister attempts sleight of hand on this one. The ULTra system is not a golf cart, and its configuration had nothing to do with its apparent cancellation by Wales. It was, just as related by the very passage he quotes, due to political resistance.

Furthermore, the big-bad acronym "E.D.I.C.T." stands for "Evaluation and Demonstration of Innovative City Transport," and its edict.info site is no longer operating because the "E" part was completed 3 years ago. Much of the findings are now found at the linked European Union site, EU Research, about PRT and the Wales test program.

What kind of "journalist" (other than your Sean Hannity types) claims a project has been "flushed down the memory hole," but for his "proof" cites an official government page that is actually an enthusiastic endorsement? Speaking of memory holes, Avisnore somehow omits the fact that the EU is backing the current installation (the "D" part of E.D.I.C.T.) of ULTra (the "I" part) at Heathrow Airport.

3. Skyweb Express. Why doesn't he just ask them what they're up to, instead of repeating this No News Is Bad News talking point? Oh, but he's poisoned any hope of his ever having a journalistic relationship with Taxi 2000 (unless it's the type the paparazzi have with Brad & Angelina). This reporter is not surprised that any company with a vehement critic such as Avismores would keep its cards close to the vest.

What kind of "reporter" (other than your Jayson Blair types) covers a subject, but has no communication with that subject? No wonder he has to guess, and Make It Up.

4. Skyloop. Of course Skyloop seems dead, it has no reason to be active. It was not a PRT system, but rather a citizen committee with official standing that chose PRT as its preferred technology. But the consultant hired by the metropolitan planning agency to evaluate the committee's PRT plan blew the analysis. The MPA decided not to proceed with PRT, to which the citizen committee still objects.

But this has been documented many times, and Avibore knows it. What kind of "journalist" (other than your Brit Hume types) clings to a fixed political agenda rather than take objective facts into account?

Kenmore (the Happy Deleter) is not the "owner" of either the Dump Mark Olson or Dump Michele Bachmann blogs. It is a mystery why the actual owner continues to allow him free run of those blogs to practice such inaccurate faux journalism.

The More You Know: Want to learn more about the Minnesota anti-PRT propadandist? Do you like comment-spam about Buffalo sports franchises? Then remember to check out the new blog Weiner Watch!


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