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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Asked and answered (and answered, and answered...)

True to his Talking Points Strategy (©Karl Rove), K. Opendoor the Minnesota anti-PRT propagandist asks flawed questions, ignores the answers, then asks them again. And again; and again. The latest:

David, why are you PRTistas trying to get Bachmann, Olson and Vandeveer elected?
Do your liberal friends know that you support right-wingers?
(Cucking Stool, Sept. 6 5:55 pm)
As though I haven't already answered that a number of times, such as here (12/1/05), and the latest being here (DMO, July 12). He just doesn't get that supporting PRT doesn't mean you have to support pro-PRT candidates who hold objectionable positions on other issues. And I thought I was quite clear.

Kenwood, please make a note of this for your future reference!


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